Do Guys Like Girls Who Read? (Is Reading Books Attractive)

Is reading something guys like girls to do, and is it something they value when looking for a relationship?

When a girl enjoys reading books and being well-read is one of her many hobbies and interests. Can this be an attractive trait or quality many guys look for in a girl?

Do Guys Like Girls Who Read?

Yes, absolutely! Many guys like girls who read, especially if they are avid readers or bookworms themselves. When a girl reads books or is well-read this can make a guy think she’s intelligent, curious, and knowledgeable. These are all attractive and desirable traits for a girl to display to a guy.

Let’s take a look at what guys think about girls that read, and why they like it or find them attractive.

Do Guys Like Girls Who Read

What Do Guys Think About Girls Who Read?

Many guys tend to like girls that read because they think girls who read books are smarter, more intelligent, and a lot easier to talk to about shared interests.

Guys think that reading strongly correlates with intelligence, curiosity, and a desire to learn new things.

They also believe it’s a lot easier to talk to a girl about many different topics when a girl is well-read, knowledgeable, and prepared to learn about their interests.

So when a girl enjoys reading and seems curious, intelligent, or shows a willingness to learn new things. These are some traits and habits many guys can find attractive in a girl.

While it’s true not every guy cares or even thinks about a girl’s reading habits before becoming interested or dating her.

Whether or not a guy will like a girl who reads can depend entirely on his views towards reading books or his thoughts about staying well-read.

Some guys actively look for girls who take a keen interest in reading books and learning new things. They think it’s alluring to date a girl who’s looking to learn, gain knowledge, and better themselves by reading.

Do Guys Find Reading Attractive?

Even though attractiveness is subjective. Many guys find girls who read attractive because it makes them seem more open-minded, intellectual, and interesting. Guys are commonly attracted to girls they find intriguing. So a knowledgeable girl who reads books can be very attractive for some guys.

Whether or not a guy will find reading attractive and a turn-on or a turn-off will depend on the guy. Reading books or staying well-informed and well-read does not guarantee that every guy will find you attractive.

For many guys, it’s the whole package. They will also consider the traits, habits, looks, personality, and characteristics of a girl who likes to read.

Usually, a guy will find a girl who reads more attractive if he also enjoys reading himself.

If he’s a keen bookworm and shares a lot of common interests with a girl. He’s bound to find her more attractive or more interesting to talk to.

Why Do Guys Like Girls Who Read? (13 Reasons)

Why do guys like girls who read books, and what are the reasons men find well-read women so attractive and desirable?

Here are some of the reasons guys like girls who read.

  1. They Like Curious Girls
  2. They Enjoy Reading Also
  3. They Believe Girls Who Read Are Intelligent
  4. They Find Intelligence Sexy And A Turn-On
  5. They Like Girls Who Can Challenge Them
  6. They Prefer Talking To Knowledgeable Girls
  7. They Want To Have Deeper Conversations
  8. They Like Girls Who Articulate
  9. They Understand Girls Who Read Value Alone Time
  10. They Like Girls Who Teach Them New Things
  11. They Prefer Girls Who Seem Complex And Deep
  12. They Think Girls Who Read Are Less Needy
  13. They Want A Girl Who Will Try To Read Them

So for guys, there can be many reasons why they like girls that read.

They are cultured, deep, and can also seem a lot less predictable or needy than most other girls.

Girls who read collect wisdom from the things they are reading. So this generally allows them to be far more interesting to talk to and have many more things to say to a guy during a conversation.

Guys also know when talking to a girl who reads that it’s very easy to break the ice with her. Especially when they both share a common interest in books, topics, and reading in general.

Some guys may also like girls who read because they think these types of girls are capable of reading them.

They might be looking for a girl who is prepared to read into their feelings and emotions. This can be true if a guy has a hard time revealing his true feelings or interest towards a girl.

So this can make girls who read a very alluring prospect for many guys. There are a lot of reasons for guys to find girls who enjoy reading attractive and a good catch when looking for a potential partner.

Why Do Guys Like Dating Girls Who Read?

Many guys like dating girls who read because they find intelligence sexy and a turn-on. Smart, cultured girls who enjoy reading will usually lead the guy they are dating to believe they are very interesting to talk to. They are deep, full of wisdom, and hold deep or complex conversations with ease.

When dating, many guys are just looking for a girl who ticks most of the boxes they are looking for.

So a girl who reads typically checks off most of the things a guy is looking for in the perfect girl to date.

Guys like dating girls who read because they:

  • Are Independent
  • Are Good Listeners
  • Know What’s Important In Life
  • Have Deep & Layered Personalities
  • Are Full Of Wisdom
  • Are Knowledgeable
  • Are Not Always Quick To Judge
  • Are Spontaneous & Fun To Be Around
  • Care more about personality than physical appearance
  • Place Value In The Need For Alone Time
  • Seem Less Needy
  • Have A Big Curiosity
  • Are Interesting & Easier To Talk To

Even though most girls can possess all these traits and characteristics. Guys like dating girls who read because they often don’t judge a book by its cover.

They are sometimes more likely to give the first date with a guy a chance if they can see there is some substance to the things he is saying. Along with liking his interests, character, and personality.

Do Guys Prefer Dating Girls Who Read Books?

Whether or not guys prefer dating girls who read depends on the kind of girl a guy is looking for. Most guys won’t deliberately seek out to date or be in a relationship with a girl just because she reads books. There are many more things a guy will try to look for and find attractive about a girl.

If a guy does prefer dating girls who read. It normally has far more to do with her intelligence, good intellect, and ability to hold an interesting or fun conversation.

Also, his previous good experiences dating and being in relationships with girls who did tend to be avid book readers.

A girl’s ability to read or get hooked to a good book has far less bearing on a guy’s decision to date her.

A guy is much more likely to look at a girl’s other traits, habits, personality, and characteristics before deciding on dating her.

However, it just so happens that girls who read tend to cover most bases many guys are looking for when dating a girl.

So it’s not all about the reading, it has far more to do with a girl’s personality, attractiveness, and overall intelligence.

Do Guys Like Girls Who Read A Lot? (Bookworms)

If a girl reads a lot or considers herself to be a bookworm. Some guys will like it, especially if they share an interest in reading books. And some guys won’t. It depends on their personal preference and the things they are likely to find interesting or attractive about a girl.

When a girl is a keen reader and spends most of her time reading books. For a guy, it’s easy to assume she is likely someone who enjoys her own company or places a lot of value on spending time alone.

Some guys like girls who are avid readers because they’re independent and fully capable of finding things to do that interest them on their own.

Guys like the feeling of knowing their girlfriend or partner is entirely able to occupy themselves. Many guys enjoy it simply because it frees them up to pursue their own hobbies or interests.

While other guys may prefer a girl to be more outgoing, and more reliant on them to do things or find activities to share together during their free time. It depends on the guy.

However, that’s not to say a girl who loves reading can’t also be outgoing and adventurous. Many girls who read can find a healthy balance between reading books and being outgoing or adventurous in a relationship.

Final Thoughts On “Do Guys Like Girls Who Read?”

So do guys like girls who read?

Yes, there are many reasons for most guys to like a girl who reads. Especially when they share the same interests, or are bookworms themselves. Girls who read are often independent, knowledgeable, and curious. Which can all be desirable and attractive traits for a guy to see in a girl.

While it does depend on a guy’s personal preference and the things he looks for in a girl like the hobbies or interests she’s pursuing.

For the most part, there are a lot of reasons for guys to like dating and being in a relationship with a girl who enjoys reading books.