What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Complicated? (Is It Bad?)

When a guy calls you complicated, what exactly does it mean?

There can be many reasons why a guy would think you’re a complicated girl and it’s surprisingly not always a bad thing.

He may be saying it to give you clues about his interest in you. Also, it can be his way of letting you know he doesn’t fully understand your feelings.

So when a guy starts telling you he thinks you’re complicated. What does this actually mean for him and for you?

What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Complicated?

When a guy calls you complicated. It’s generally because he finds it difficult to understand you and read your emotions or feelings. You’re hard to untangle and a bit of a mystery to him, which is not always a bad thing. Being “complicated” can make a guy chase you, or find you more attractive.

What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Complicated?

Is A Guy Calling You Complicated A Bad Thing?

A guy calling you complicated can be a good or bad thing depending on the guy saying it and the situation you find yourself in. It depends on the personality traits you are showing him that make him believe you’re a complicated person. Some guys find complicated girls attractive, and others don’t.

His actions towards you and what he thinks about you will reveal the most about why he calls you “complicated” and what it really means.

It’s normally a good thing when:

  • He thinks your a bit of a mystery.
  • He’s attracted to complicated girls.
  • He’s willing to chase you.
  • He wants to fix things for you.
  • He’s never bored in your company.
  • He gives you a lot of his time and attention.

It’s normally a bad thing when:

  • He never knows how you’re feeling.
  • He thinks you demand too much.
  • He’s not willing to chase you.
  • He thinks you take things too seriously.
  • He believes you’re playing too hard to get.
  • He’s switches his focus to less complicated girls.

So whether or not a guy calling you complicated is a good or a bad thing relies on the real intention behind his words.

He might be attracted to you and willing to chase you simply because you’re a bit of a mystery to him. Or the personality traits that make him believe you’re complicated could be pushing him away.

To get to the bottom of what it means when a guy calls you complicated. It’s important to discover what the real reasons are behind him saying it.

Reasons Why A Guy Calls You Complicated

While the reasons for a guy to start calling you complicated are not always bad, and can sometimes be a sign he’s trying to figure you out because he likes you.

What are the most common reasons why a guy calls you “complicated”?

1. He Doesn’t Know What You Want

He’s calling you a complicated girl because he doesn’t know what you want. He never truly knows or understands what you need, or if you really do like him.

When a guy is confused about what you really want. He will offer you little clues and call you complicated because he needs reassurance he’s still firmly part of the picture.

2. He Can’t Read How You’re Feeling

If your feelings are a mystery to him, and he finds it difficult to read your emotions or your body language when you are around him. This could be why he’s calling you complicated.

He’s always second-guessing your emotions, or the signals you are sending to him while you talk. He’s looking for you to tell him straight about your feelings, and let him know how he should approach you.

3. He Thinks You’re A Mystery

A guy calling you complicated is not always a bad thing if he believes you’re a mystery he needs to solve. A complicated girl who’s a bit of an enigma can sometimes make a guy feel more attracted to her.

Being a complicated and mysterious girl can translate for a guy into believing you’re more interesting, attractive, or seductive. He can’t figure you out, but that’s exactly what he likes about you.

4. He’s Getting Mixed Signals

When he thinks you’re blowing hot and cold or sending him mixed signals. He will say you’re complicated because he’s not getting the straight answer and attention he was looking for.

While keeping him guessing about your feelings for him can sometimes have its benefits. You should avoid leading him on or sending him mixed signals, or he may think you’re being too complicated on purpose for all the wrong reasons.

5. He’s Not Ready For A Relationship

If he’s not ready for a relationship with you, or not ready to date. He may call you “too complicated” as a way to pass these feelings and the blame back to you.

Calling someone complicated can sometimes be used as an excuse to avoid commitment, and dodge revealing real feelings. He may still like you, but he calls you complicated because he’s just not ready for a relationship right now.

6. He’s Prepared To Chase You

A guy who calls you complicated, but backs this up with curiosity or interest could be showing you all the telltale signs he’s willing to chase you. He thinks you’re a complicated girl, but this is exactly what has attracted him to you.

He wants to chase you because he knows he’ll never be bored in your company. You have personality traits that interest him, and he enjoys the fact you’re a complicated person.

Signs A Guy Thinks You’re Complicated

If a guy thinks you are hard to pin down or difficult to understand when he likes you. There can be many signs or things he will do that reveal he thinks you’re complicated and a bit of a mystery to him.

What are the signs a guy thinks you’re a complicated girl?

1. He Asks You A Lot Of Questions

When he asks you a lot of simple questions about your life, the things you get up to, and who else you’re hanging out with. It could be a sign he’s trying to untangle who you really are.

He wants to understand you because he likes you. So he’ll ask you many casual questions to build up a better mental picture of where he fits into things. He thinks you’re complicated but in a good way.

2. He Asks You What You Want

If he’s constantly asking you what you want, and even inquiring about the kind of guys you normally go for when dating. There’s a good chance he sees you as a complicated girl who’s hard to read.

Whenever he leaves the guesswork to one side and asks you straight what you really want in a relationship. It’s his way of saying “I’m fully interested, but I’m still trying to figure you out.”

3. He Wants To Know If You Like Him

When a guy asks you if you like him, and he wants a straight answer. It’s a good sign he thinks you’re complicated. What you say to him and your personality traits don’t reveal enough about what you are looking for.

If a guy thinks a girl is complicated. He tends to think she’s a confident girl who gives the impression she doesn’t ‘need’ a man. So this commonly leads to most guys looking for reassurance that the attraction and desires for a relationship are mutual.

4. He Tries To Fix Things For You

Whenever a guy thinks you’re complicated, but he likes this about you. It’s possible he will try to become a ‘fixer’ in your life. He’ll try to untangle the mystery that is you, by solving your problems and becoming your emotional rock.

He’ll talk through your problems, and become someone you can really rely on. He recognizes that your ideal man is someone who adores, listens, and is protective over you.

He believes you are complicated, but this is exactly what attracted him to you.

5. He Asks Your Friends About You

If he’s frequently asking your friends about you and quizzing them about your likes, wants, or needs. It’s a sign he thinks you’re complicated and he doesn’t want to ruin a potential relationship by making guesswork.

He talks to the people who know you best because they already know what makes you tick. He wants answers from your friends so he knows exactly how to approach you because you’re a girl who he thinks is ‘complicated’.

6. He’s Been Blowing Hot And Cold

When he gives you a lot of attention and seems fully interested in you. Then he suddenly disappears and seems distant for a few days then comes back.

It’s a sign he’s blowing hot and cold with you. Perhaps because he thinks you’re too complicated.

You may not be giving him the obvious answers he’s looking for that tell him you’re fully interested. He might also feel like he’s the one making all the effort, and you’re sending him mixed signals whilst not being clear with your intentions.

So he starts blowing hot and cold to give himself space to re-evaluate his feelings. He’s looking for a sign from you that he should commit, and that the attention being given or desire for a relationship is not one-sided.

Ways To Appear Less Complicated To A Guy

How do you appear less complicated to a guy and make it clear that you like him?

Even though he may already think you’re a complicated girl and he finds you or your feelings a bit of a mystery. There are still many things you can do to appear less complicated to a guy.

1. Explain Your Feelings

Tell him exactly how you feel and explain your feelings to him. Be confident and honest by telling him how you feel about him, or the prospects of a relationship.

When he knows exactly how you feel. This will leave no room for him to start second-guessing your feelings and what you truly think about him.

He’ll get a much better understanding of where he fits into the picture. Also, whether or not pursuing you will be worthwhile or is what you want.

2. Tell Him What You Want

Sometimes guys love confident girls who can tell them straight about what they want. If you’re looking for a relationship or for a guy to share your life with. It’s important to make these intentions clear from the start.

If you can tell him exactly what you want, or what you think it will take for a guy to fit perfectly into your life. This will make your wants and desires a lot less of a mystery to him, and make it clear what he needs to do to be with you.

3. Reveal That You Like Him

When you like him and have some serious feelings for him. Don’t beat around the bush or try to send him mixed signals. Be confident and reveal that you really do like him.

If he can see you’re prepared to be brave and reveal what you really think about him. He might start to think you’re not as complicated as he once thought as you’ve let your real feelings for him be known.

Whenever your feelings for him are less of a mystery and he can see clearly that you like him. He’ll think you’re less of a mystery or less complicated. You’re someone who’s prepared to lay your feelings on the line.

4. Avoid Sending Him Mixed Signals

One of the worst things you can do to a guy who already thinks you’re a complicated girl is to send him mixed signals. He already finds you a bit of a mystery, but now he’s seeing you drop him breadcrumbs about liking him.

Avoid sending him mixed signals at all costs. Unless you want him to start blowing hot and cold or begin pursuing less complicated girls.

Giving him small morsels of interest is not the way to go if you want him to believe you’re not as complicated as he thinks you are.

The signals that you send him need to make it obvious that you like him, or that you do intend on pursuing a relationship. So try to avoid leading him on by sending him mixed signals.

5. Show Him You’re Ready For A Relationship

Make it clear you’re fully ready for a relationship by talking to him about it. Discuss topics like your ideal partner, or the things you look for in a guy. Give him no room to doubt that you’re ready for a relationship and currently looking to date.

When he can get a better understanding of the fact you’re actively looking for a guy to share your life with. There’s a good chance he will try to be this guy for you.

He’ll also find your intentions about wanting a relationship less of a mystery. As this is you telling him you’re placing yourself as ‘Available’ to start dating someone.

6. Be Less Of A Mystery

Even though many guys do find complicated girls attractive. It can sometimes help him to think you’re not as complicated as he thinks by being less of a mystery.

If you can talk to him about the things you do day-to-day, or share your interests and the things you’re passionate about. This will help to make you seem like less of a mystery, and allow him to paint a better picture of you in his mind.

Give him good insights into who you really are or what makes you tick. If he can see where you are coming from, and also find common ground with you. It can sometimes make it a lot more likely he will continue to pursue you.

Do Guys Find Complicated Girls Attractive?

Many guys do find complicated girls attractive. This is often because girls who are complicated and a bit of a mystery tend to always leave guys wanting more. Being complicated can sometimes be an attractive trait shown by girls that often leads guys to be more interested and chase them.

A guy thinking you’re a complicated girl does not always mean he’ll stop trying to pursue you. It can actually have the reverse effect and make him want to be with you more.

Complicated girls who guys find attractive are often considered to be:

  • Rarely boring to be around.
  • Blunt and honest with their opinions.
  • Always a mystery and never an open book.
  • Full of wisdom, advice, and ideas.
  • Never easy or taken for granted.
  • Confident, passionate, intelligent.
  • Hard to pin down.

Many of these personality traits are things guys will look for and find attractive in a girl. For a guy, when you are complicated this often translates into interest or attraction.

Do Guys Like Dating Complicated Girls?

Yes, many guys do like dating complicated girls. This is because they are frequently a closed book and a bit of a mystery. Which is often more than enough to hold a guy’s interest whilst dating. Girls who are complicated are also rarely boring and have a knack for keeping guys on their toes.

When dating a complicated girl. A guy will often realize she might want him but does not need him. She’s someone who knows what she deserves in a relationship and he has to be prepared to step up to the mark.

A complicated girl may be difficult to date compared to most girls. However, many guys actually like the feeling that they have to work for it and gain her trust before establishing a relationship.

Will A Guy Chase A Complicated Girl?

A guy will chase a complicated girl if you let him do the chasing. Complicated girls are often closed books or a lot more private than most girls. So this makes it ideal for a guy to start chasing a girl to learn more about them. Especially if he finds her attractive or already has feelings for her.

If you want a guy to start chasing you, even when he thinks your a complicated girl. You need to allow him to be the one who starts pursuing you and give him more reasons to.

The mystery and the fact you’re a closed book could be exactly what attracted him towards you. So you can play on these traits to give him more reasons to start chasing you.

However, be careful with how long you try to make him chase you. If a guy starts to think you’re leading him on, or he’s getting mixed signals from you. He could stop, especially if he thinks the attention being given and received is one-sided.