Why Do Girls Like Mysterious Guys? (9 Reasons Explained)

What is it about mysterious guys that make girls like them soo much?

When a guy acts mysterious, secretive, and seems like a closed book. Why do girls feel drawn to this, why do they like it, and what makes it so attractive?

Let’s take a look at why girls like mysterious guys.

Here’s The Short Answer To Why Girls Like Mysterious Guys?

Girls like mysterious guys because they get a lot of satisfaction out of figuring him out. Girls love using their feminine intuition to discover or learn more about a guy they are attracted to. So a guy who’s a bit of a mystery will often seem more attractive or alluring to girls.

Why Do Girls Like Mysterious Guys

What Is A Mysterious Guy?

So what is a mysterious guy and why do some girls like it?

A guy is mysterious when he doesn’t tell a girl everything about himself. He lets her try to learn or assume things about him on her own and reveals just enough to keep her interested.

He’ll rarely talk about himself, and often hide parts of his personality to make himself seem more alluring or seductive to girls.

A mysterious guy can be quietly confident or quirky, but still, seem shy or introverted when talking to girls. They can also hide feelings without realizing it.

Put simply, a mysterious guy is a puzzle that girls get seduced into solving. It provokes their feminine intuition and curiosity to figure out why he’s such a mystery.

9 Reasons Girls Like Mysterious Guys

So what are the reasons why girls are into mysterious guys?

If a guy is the mysterious or silent type and keeps his feelings close to his chest. Is that all it takes for a girl to like it, or does it go much deeper than this?

Here are the reasons why girls like mysterious guys.

1. They Like Solving The Mystery

One of the main reasons girls like mysterious guys is because they like the challenge of solving him and figuring him out.

They like solving a guy who is a mystery, especially if they are physically attracted to him.

Girls will use their feminine intuition to become curious and intrigued about a guy who they think is being mysterious, and not an open book.

When a girl thinks a guy is the strong and silent type, and he’s also a bit secretive about his feelings or thoughts. This will keep her interested and make her dig deeper to learn more about him.

2. They Enjoy The Thrill Of The Chase

Believe it or not, some girls love the thrill of the chase just as much as guys do. This is especially true when a guy is hard to read but reveals small morcels of interest toward the girl.

The fact is, mysterious guys are liked by girls because there is a lot of enjoyment to be found in chasing them.

When a girl is chasing a mysterious guy. Most of the enjoyment comes from finding out new things about him and learning what he’s like deep down.

Girls like chasing mysterious guys because the prospect of finding out more about them is so alluring.

3. They Find Shyness Endearing

A reason many girls like mysterious guys is because they find his silence or shyness endearing.

When a girl notices that a guy is fairly shy and introverted around her and seems like a closed book. This can often make girls feel intrigued as to why he acts in this way. This then translates into interest for the girl.

She’ll feel a desire to know more about him and get him to open up to her.

If a guy seems mysterious, shy, and only speaks when he’s asked a question and rarely talks about himself. If the girl is attracted to the guy, she’s bound to become curious and develop more interest in the guy.

4. They Like Observant Guys

Girls like mysterious guys as they tend to be more observant than most other guys.

They are naturally good at reading the room, reading other people’s feelings, and seeing things from a unique perspective.

If you add this to the fact they’re usually good listeners, considerate of other’s feelings, and generally have a chilled-out or cool demeanor. It’s easy to see why many girls are into mysterious guys.

Put simply, mysterious guys are liked by girls because they are often nice to be around.

Many girls feel more comfortable around a quiet, chilled-out guy compared to someone loud and only after their attention.

5. They Appreciate Authenticity

Another reason girls love mysterious guys is that there is often nothing fake about their behavior. They are highly attuned to themselves, and the way they act seems authentic to girls.

A mysterious guy can’t fake being a mystery to girls, it’s just the way he is.

Even though he doesn’t reveal everything to a girl. He’s often not deliberately trying to hide things it’s just how he chooses to open up to the people around him.

So when a girl knows a mysterious guy is the real deal and there are many layers to his personality she still needs to uncover. She’ll like it, become more interested, and want to learn more about him.

6. They Like Guys Who Are Good Listeners

Mysterious guys by nature are normally great listeners, and girls love it.
A major reason many girls like mysterious guys is because they often prefer listening to being overly talkative.

The simple fact is most girls like guys who are good listeners. It’s a seriously attractive and desirable personality trait to find in a guy.

When a girl is talking to a mysterious guy. He will listen, be thoughtful, sympathetic, and considerate of feelings. He’ll also talk most when he has something important to say.

When a guy possesses all of these qualities and also seems mysterious to a girl. This can make him appear irresistible, and provoke a lot of interest and intrigue from girls.

7. They Prefer Guys Who Don’t Fight For Attention

Another quality mysterious guys possess that girls like is that they rarely fight for attention. A guy jostling for attention can sometimes be a big turn-off for girls.

Girls like the fact that mysterious guys tend to be far more chilled out and feel a lot easier to talk to and be around.

This is even more true if most of the guys they talk to are the complete opposite and do things that are over the top just to get attention or signify attraction, and interest.

Mysterious guys tend to try a lot less hard to reveal their attraction and interest in a girl. But this is exactly why most girls like it. They like solving the mystery and picking up on the subtle clues a guy is interested in them.

8. They Like Guessing A Guys Feelings

When a girl is interested in a mysterious guy, she’ll know he rarely wears his heart on his sleeve. The guy is a puzzle she needs to solve to reveal what his true feelings about her are.

Believe it or not, some girls like trying to guess what a guy’s feelings are for them. They take pleasure from uncertainty and figuring out a guy.

Half of the fun of being interested or attracted to a mysterious guy is solving him. When you get him to finally open up to you and reveal what his true feelings are. It’s satisfying and makes you feel good!

It’s not always fun for girls when a guy makes his feelings clear from the start. Some girls like the challenge of solving a hard-to-read guy whose feelings are not always obvious.

9. They Like Guys Who Seem Mature

A common reason many girls like mysterious guys is that in general, they seem far more mature than other guys.

When a guy is the strong, silent type. It can make him seem more mature to girls, especially if his friends are the complete opposite.

Mysterious guys tend to be quietly confident and less talkative. Which usually has a habit of making girls believe they must be more mature and more considered with how they talk to girls.

When a guy seems mature, mysterious, very level-headed, and gives a girl glimpses of his personality or feelings. This can be a seriously alluring quality for girls to see in a guy.

Why Do Girls Think Mysterious Guys Are Hot Or Attractive?

So what makes mysterious guys so attractive to girls?

When a mysterious guy seems secretive about himself and is not an open book. This can often make girls feel attracted to the guy and intrigued to learn more about him. This is even more true when the girl is physically attracted to the way he looks or acts, and she wants him to open up to her.

For girls, mysterious guys seem hot and attractive because they are likely very different from many of the guys they are used to talking to.

Girls can have wishful or dreamy assumptions about what a mysterious guy’s personality is really like.

In general, mysterious guys can be fairly chilled out and feel nice to be around. They can also have a unique perspective on the world, be good at introspection, and be very intellectually stimulating for some girls.

By nature, mysterious guys also have a habit of talking about many things other than themselves.

So when a guy asks more questions than he answers. This often leads to attraction and interest. It makes the girl want to dig to find out the truth about him.


Mysterious guys can be a challenge to solve and get to know. This is exactly why some girls like them. Guys who are not easy to read and don’t make their feelings obvious can be an alluring prospect for girls.

Many girls take a lot of pleasure in talking to and discovering more about a guy who’s fairly mysterious by nature.

So now that we know why girls like mysterious guys. It’s easy to see how many girls would fall for a guy who’s a bit secretive, intriguing, and a closed book.