Is Bowling A Good First Date? (Explained & Answered!)

Is going bowling a great first date?

If you’re planning to have a fun first date with someone you like or want to get to know better. Does going to a bowling alley tick all of the boxes you would want to see and experience on a perfect first date?

Also, what things make going bowling on a first date better than dinner and a movie?

Is Bowling A Good First Date?

Going bowling is an ideal first date choice because it’s a lot of fun and the perfect icebreaker. First dates can be stressful, but bowling is a good first date as it’s relatively inexpensive, escapes the awkward silences, and gives you a sneak peek at your date’s personality before a second date.

Is Bowling A Good First Date

What Makes Bowling A Good First Date Idea? (5 Reasons)

So what makes bowling such a great idea for a first date?

Even though most people know going bowling is a lot of fun, no matter how many people are attending or the group size.

What makes bowling the ideal choice for a first date if it’s only the two of you?

Here’s what makes bowling a good first date idea:

1. It’s The Perfect Icebreaker

Bowling first dates are a great icebreaker because they are fun, social, and exciting. You’ll both feel a lot less pressure to keep the conversation flowing, as the game itself will fill most of the lulls in the discussions with your date.

It’s also a fun icebreaker as you’ll get to laugh or joke around with your date when they miss a shot, or when their bowling skills don’t live up to the hype!

So it’s generally very easy to break the ice and find things to talk about on a bowling date. You’ll find things to talk about with your date from the moment you enter the bowling alley, and until you leave.

2. Going Bowling Is Affordable

One of the major things that makes bowling an ideal first date is that it’s relatively affordable when compared to most first-date ideas.

It’s also good value for money when you consider the amount of fun you will have with your date whilst trying to make a good first impression.

First dates can be stressful, and this is often because they can be expensive before even knowing if a second date is on the cards.

So this makes bowling an excellent choice for a first date as it’s inexpensive, lots of fun, and a lot cheaper than going for drinks at a fancy restaurant in town.

3. It’s A Fun First Date Environment

When it comes to picking a great first date environment. There are not many better places than bowling alleys as they have everything you need to put your date at ease.

It’s a laid-back and fun environment full of people enjoying themselves and having a good time. Which makes it a great venue for a first date.

Bowling alleys are built for fun, with many venues having more than just bowling on offer. Some bowling alleys have arcades, bars, and places to grab drinks or bite to eat.

So as a first date venue, a bowling alley has pretty much everything you would want or expect when looking to make it a well-rounded first date.

4. You Can Control How Long The Date Lasts

Another thing that makes bowling first dates great is that you have the ability to dictate or control how long the first date lasts.

This is due to the fact the average bowling game lasts 10 minutes per person without breaks. So on a first date, one game of bowling for two people will last on average 20-30 minutes with conversation and occasional breaks between.

So if you’ve played a few games and the date is going well. You may want to stay for longer and keep the date going by committing to a few more games.

However, if the date is not going to plan or you’re struggling to hit it off. You may want to put an end to the date and politely go your separate ways after 1-2 games.

So when compared to a first date at a fancy restaurant. Your time on a bowling date is not dictated by waiting around for food or the bill to arrive.

Instead, it’s controlled by you or your date deciding how many games you want to play. Either at the start or during the first date.

5. You Get A Sneak Peek At Your Dates Personality

Going bowling on a first date is a great way to get a glimpse of your date’s personality. Playing games, sports, or doing active things usually has a habit of bringing out the best, or perhaps even the worst in some people.

You might find out your date has an incredible sense of humor, is seriously fun to be around, or is hypercompetitive and wants to win at everything they do. Bowling will bring out your date’s true colors.

So if you want to get to know your date’s personality, bowling on a first date is the ideal choice. Especially if you want to figure out what makes them tick and what they are really like in person.

Why Is Bowling A Fun First Date?

Why Is Bowling A Fun First Date

Going bowling is a fun first date because it’s enjoyable even if you’re bad at the sport. It’s a barrel of laughs no matter the group size. Also, bowling is relatively inexpensive and good value for money when compared to other first date ideas that can be a lot less fun and sometimes more expensive.

It’s a great way to get to know someone for the first time and reveal their fun side. It’s also entertaining to see what your date is like out of their comfort zone whilst building fun memories together.

Bowling is fun for first dates as there is no requirement to be good or skilled at the sport. You also don’t need to be in good physical shape to play. It’s all-inclusive and welcoming to all group sizes, ages, and skill levels.

Is Bowling A Popular Dating Spot?

Yes, absolutely! Bowling is a popular dating spot that is perfect for first dates. Even though most first daters tend to pick other common venues like restaurants and coffee shops. Anyone looking for a fun first-date experience is likely to choose bowling as a great way to get to know someone new.

Bowling is a seriously fun and social activity that brings people together. So it’s no surprise that many people pick it as the perfect venue to have a first date, or meet new people.

Going bowling is also growing in popularity for people currently in a relationship looking for fun date night ideas as well. Many happy couples go bowling together. They claim that bowling helps them bond, blow off some steam, and brings them closer together.

Is Bowling A Cheap First Date?

Going bowling is a relatively cheap first date when compared to more expensive options like dinner and a movie. A game of bowling costs $2 to $5 per person, on average. With certain venues requiring you to rent bowling shoes that cost between $3 and $6 per person.

So bowling is generally more affordable than most other options when it comes to first dates.

How much a bowling first date can cost will depend on how many games you play. Also, what you rent or purchase while you are there.

Many bowling alleys also have arcades, bars, and places to get food or drink. Which usually works out far cheaper than going for a fancy meal, or cocktails with your date.

Are Bowling Dates Awkward?

Even though you might feel a little awkward or nervous about going on a bowling date. Bowling first dates are less awkward than most dates, simply because there’s less pressure on you to keep the conversation going. It’s a fun activity that provokes free-flowing conversation between you and your date.

Similar to most first date activities like mini-golf or going to the zoo. A bowling first date allows you to escape the awkward silence by finding lots of things to see, do, and talk about.

On a bowling first date, you will do most of your talking between taking shots or when having breaks between games with your date.

This means you’ll have plenty of time to think of things ask each other and help you to escape any awkwardness in conversation throughout the date.

Does It Matter If You’re Bad At Bowling On A Date?

No, absolutely not! It can sometimes make it more fun or funny for your date if you’re bad at bowling. Believe it or not, most people are pretty bad at bowling. But it’s still entertaining to try your best. It might give your date a laugh or a good excuse to get closer and give you a few pointers.

If you are really worried about being bad at bowling on a first date. Most bowling alleys give you the option to use lane blockers or guard rails which prevent the bowling ball from going into the side gutters.

This helps you to guarantee that no matter how bad you think you are when bowling on your date. You’ll still be able to hit some pins at the end of the lane.

So it’s a good idea to let your date or the venue know ahead of time that you want the rails up!

Most modern bowling alleys have the option to put them up when setting up a game. So you or your date can do this before you play a game.

How Do You Flirt On A Bowling Date?

How Do You Flirt On A Bowling Date?

Even though on a bowling date you will probably be having more than enough fun already without needing to try your hand at flirting.

There are loads of ways you can flirt on a bowling date to make it more fun and exciting for you both. You can make playful remarks to your date. Give them praise or a high five for a good shot. Or get silly, cocky, and flirtatious when showing them your competitive side while bowling.

The key to flirting on a bowling date is to ensure your date is having loads of fun. You should also make them feel as comfortable as possible, as it goes a long way!

If you find it hard to flirt with your date whilst playing, try taking a short break and sitting down together. Grab a drink and have a flirty conversation before the next game.

Can You Kiss On A Bowling Date?

Generally, if you’re going to kiss someone on a bowling first date. It’s a good idea to do it at the end of the date or after a few games at the very least. This gives you enough time to get to know each other, have some fun, and read the signals that a kiss definitely is on the cards for both.

The first kiss on a date that is going really well is usually saved until the end as a great way to say goodbye.

So the same generally applies to bowling first dates, where you can share a goodbye kiss as you leave the bowling alley and part company for the night.

However, with that being said, it’s typically fine to kiss each other in the bowling alley as it’s a fairly casual, fun, and relaxed environment to be in.

While it may not be the perfect or ideal venue to share the first kiss with someone you’re dating that you really like. Do what you both feel most comfortable with and follow your hearts!

Is It Better To Eat Before Or After A Bowling Date?

It’s usually better to eat after bowling. This is because if you eat before bowling you might feel sluggish or bloated while playing. So it’s a good idea if you’re planning to share a meal with your date to go after. As bowling is the perfect icebreaker and you’ll build up an appetite.

Going for a meal with your date after bowling is a great way to ensure you have both broken the ice before sitting down for a meal together.

You will be able to talk more freely, talk about the games you just played, and generally find a lot more fun things to talk about.

If you don’t think you could handle waiting until after bowling to grab a bite to eat. Most bowling alleys have options for food and drink inside the venue. So you can both grab snacks or drinks during the date.

What’s The Best Time To Go On A Bowling Date?

The best time to go on a bowling date is when the bowling alley is not too busy. You and your date will want to avoid full capacity, league days, and events at your chosen venue. Instead, look for bowling alleys that do “open bowling” for a more relaxed atmosphere that’s perfect for first dates.

If you’re planning to have a date at a bowling alley. It’s always best to ensure you go on a day that’s not too busy or crowded. Otherwise, you may not have a good experience on your date, and find it hard to talk or hear each other.

It’s a good idea if you have a bowling alley in mind to ring ahead or contact them to ask about “open bowling” days, and the best times to go bowling when it’s not too busy.

You should also check that you don’t need to book ahead for your date, as some venues require small and large groups to book in advance.

So make sure you have all the bases covered when you’re looking to go on a date with someone at the bowling alley!

How Long Does A Bowling Date Usually Last?

How Long Does A Bowling Date Usually Last?

How long a bowling date or first date will last depends on how many games you play. On average, it usually takes 10 minutes per person to bowl a single game. So for you and your date (2 people), it would last approximately 20-30 minutes for one game. With some conversion and breaks between.

If you’re going on a date to the bowling alley, you will usually play a few games together or perhaps a best of 3.

But it can depend on the bowling alley or the venue. Some bowling alleys do offer pay by the hour or give you timeslots to book and bowl. So you can play as many games as you like with your date within this period.

So how long the date will last will usually depend on how many games you or your date commit to playing, and also what you have booked or paid for on the date.

Is A Bowling First Date Better Than Dinner And A Movie?

It depends. If you want a fun first date that breaks the ice and allows you to see more of your date’s personality. Then bowling is the ideal choice. However, if you want to get to know your date better. Dinner and a movie may be preferable, as it allows you to talk freely and is a lot more intimate.

What you pick to do will depend on the first date you want to have. Also, what your date and your personal preferences are.

While bowling is a lot of fun, especially on a first date. You may be looking to talk with your date in a “getting to know you” kind of way, which is normally easier in a setting like a dinner and a movie.

If your date is outgoing they might prefer going bowling over dinner and a movie. So which is best depends on what your date is happy to do.

You will want to pick a first date that allows you to give them the best first impression of you. So if you feel a bowling first date is a good way to impress someone, go with that!

Why Would A Guy Pick Bowling On The First Date?

A guy might pick bowling on the first date as it’s a great way to have fun and get to know someone. First dates can be stressful, even for guys. So he might choose bowling for the first date to ensure he makes a good first impression on you, and as a way to see more of your personality.

Activity first dates like bowling are fun, memorable, and relatively stress-free. This often makes a bowling alley the perfect venue to have a first date with a guy.

If a guy asks you to go bowling for a date instead of something like dinner and a movie. It may be because he prefers relaxed, fun, and less formal environments when getting to know someone.

Going bowling on a first date is also a great ice breaker. So a guy may invite you on a bowling first date because he knows it will reveal more about personality and what you are like in a fun atmosphere.

Is Bowling A Good Second Or Third Date?

Is Bowling A Good Second Or Third Date?

Yes, going bowling is a good second or third date idea as it’s loads of fun, inexpensive, and lets you see more of your date’s personality. Bowling is a great date to have if your first date was a dinner or a movie because it’s a fun activity date idea that builds further chemistry between you both.

Once you’ve had your first date together, you will want to have a second or third date that reveals more about the person you are dating.

By the second or third date, you would have already broken the ice. So it’s a great idea to go bowling to reveal more about your date’s personality, traits, and fun-loving side.

You might see a side to the person you are dating at a bowling alley, that you didn’t see on the first date. It gets your date out of their comfort zone and may reveal more things about their character that you find attractive.

Is Bowling A Good Idea For Date Nights?

Bowling is an ideal choice for date nights as it’s a great way to bond and blow off some steam in a relationship. Many couples go on date nights to the bowling alley together as it’s fun, competitive, and social. It’s also inexpensive when compared to dinner and a movie, or going out for drinks.

One of the main reasons bowling makes a great date night is that it’s a fun activity for couples to share together. You get to break the rut, have some friendly competition, and more important have some fun!

It’s also fairly stress-free, cheap, and easy to book with many towns and cities having one or multiple bowling alleys to choose from.

So for fun, convenience, and having an enjoyable experience with your partner or loved ones. There are not too many date night ideas better, cheaper, and easier to arrange than going bowling.

Final Thoughts On “Is Bowling A Good First Date?”

So is going bowling a good first date?

Compared to many other first date ideas. Going bowling is an ideal first date option to choose as it’s lots of fun, cheap, and the perfect icebreaker. Bowling alleys also tend to have a great social atmosphere, which is ideal when you want to get to know someone new.

So all in all, having the first date at the bowling alley is a great choice. It’s exciting, gets you both out of your comfort zone, and helps you both build further chemistry to ensure a second date is on the cards.