Why Is My Boyfriend Always On Social Media? (Common Reasons!)

When your boyfriend is always on social media and is constantly browsing through his feeds. If this becomes a frequent habit, you may begin to feel concerned and start worrying about what he is up to.

If he uses social media all the time, it can often make you feel like he’s ignoring you when he does it. You’ll also become fully curious about who he’s talking to and what he’s using it for.

However, what reasons could your boyfriend have for always being active on social media? Also, why doesn’t he always text you back when you know for a fact he’s online on social media?

Even though what your boyfriend is doing may be completely normal behavior, especially when you consider how much people use their phones and social media nowadays. Is your boyfriend using social media frequently something to be worried or concerned about?

Let’s take a look at the reasons why he’s always on social media.

Why Is My Boyfriend Always On Social Media

Here’s The Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Is Always On Social Media

When your boyfriend seems to always be online on social media. Does he actually have valid reasons for using it, or are there some red flags that you need to look out for?

Here are the reasons why he’s always on social media.

1. He’s Staying Connected With Friends

The most obvious reason your boyfriend is using social media is to keep in touch with his friends. If his circle of friends all uses social media to keep in touch, share photos, or make plans. This will often be the main reason why he uses it soo much.

He’s using it to stay connected with close friends and get an idea of what they are up to in their daily lives.

This is even more true if your boyfriend has recently been spending a lot of time with you. He’s trying to keep tabs on his friends using social media and stay in the loop with them or the things they are up to.

2. It’s How He Talks To His Family

It can be very common if your boyfriend no longer lives with his family for him to use social media as the main way to talk to them and see what they are doing.

Using social media, it’s very easy for him to stay in touch with family, see photos, and keep track of birthdays or important dates. He may also message his parents or siblings frequently to talk about family matters.

If your boyfriend’s family is very important to him. It’s almost guaranteed that he will use social media as his main way to stay in touch with his wider family.

3. He’s Bored

When your boyfriend has nothing else to do or seems bored. Scrolling through social media on his phone is often a great way for him to ease the boredom and fill some time before he does something else.

If he’s bored, he will often use his phone to check his feed and find something interesting or entertaining to look at or read.

While this is normal behavior and something we all have a habit of doing to ease our boredom. Your boyfriend using social media because he’s bored is only really a problem if he keeps doing it when he’s around you.

His constant boredom is normally a sign for you that you need to find something fun to do together. Break the rut of him continually using his phone to stop himself from being bored.

4. He Uses Social Media To Relax & Unwind

Surprisingly, for your boyfriend using social media may be a common approach he takes to relax or unwind, especially after a long or busy day.

If he feels tired or drained from work or is generally not in a very talkative mood. He may want to relax and sit with his phone scrolling through social media.

This is because social media can actually make him feel more relaxed, sleepy, and calm his mind by making him think about things that are less stressful or emotionally draining.

While it does depend on what he uses social media for. It can be pretty common for boyfriends, or many people to use social media to relax and unwind.

5. He’s Posting His Opinions

If he’s frequently posting his opinions on social media, or having discussions with other people about topics he’s passionate about. Your boyfriend may frequently check in on social media because it matters a lot to him.

Whenever he’s in a heated discussion with someone else. It’s bound to make you feel like he’s always on social media because he’s spending most of his time trying to get his point across.

While it’s completely fine for him to share opinions on social media. You need to ensure these habits don’t get in the way of the relationship and him spending valuable time with you.

6. He’s Reading Or Getting Involved In Drama

When your boyfriend watching the drama unfold on social media, or actively playing a leading role in it. This can be yet another reason why it feels to you like social media is the most important thing going on for him right now.

He’s spending his time watching a spat take place between friends, strangers, and enjoying the drama. Or he’s the one defending himself because he’s involved in it.

While social media drama can be pretty common, and often has a habit of making people be glued to their phones. It’s only really a problem if it’s stressing him out and it’s he’s taking it out on you.

7. Someone Tagged Him In Photos

If your boyfriend has been tagged in a lot of photos by a friend. It’s completely natural for him to always be on social media looking through the new photos.

This is even more true if there are photos of him he doesn’t like, make him look bad, or perhaps even pictures he doesn’t want you to see.

These photos he’s been tagged in by friends have his full attention, and will often make you feel like he’s glued to his phone or ignoring you.

It’s completely normal and something we all do. Unless of course, he’s trying to hide photos someone tagged him in with another girl.

8. He’s Feels Anxious When Not Checking His Social Media

Whenever your boyfriend’s social media accounts matter a lot to him. It can often make him feel anxious when he doesn’t check them, look at his feed, or reply to messages.

Anxiety can make us do some pretty strange things. So feeling anxious about not checking in on social media accounts can often be a common reason.

For your boyfriend, it can become a constant habit to check his social media or see what his friends or the people he follows are up to. It can also make him feel bad when he thinks he’s missing out or is not staying connected with other people.

If you feel like these anxious habits are becoming too much, or they’re making you feel ignored and concerned. Talk to your boyfriend about them, and ask him why his social media matters so much to him, or why he feels anxious not checking it.

9. How He’s Percieved On Social Media Matters A Lot To Him

When your boyfriend worries about how others perceive him on social media. It can often have a habit of making him check his social media accounts and use his phone a lot more.

If you often see him checking his profile, his feeds, and he frequently talks about things happening on his social media with you. This can be a sign he cares a lot about it, and how people perceive him matters a lot to him.

This can be even more true if he never lets you post a bad picture of him, or he asks you to be careful what you post about him on social media. It can become a bit of a problem if he starts trying to control what you do, or makes social media a bigger deal than it really needs to be in the relationship.

10. He’s Stalking His Ex’s

Is your boyfriend stalking his ex-girlfriends on social media?

While it’s completely natural to become curious about what our ex is up to when we are in a new relationship. If your boyfriend is using social media to keep tabs on or stalk his ex. This can be a worrying sign.

He may be hiding the feelings that he still has for his ex, or he’s not fully over his past relationship. If you spot him hiding his phone, or hiding his social media activity from you. It’s time to start asking him some questions.

It’s not really fair on you if his reason for always using social media is so he can check in on his ex. This behavior does not help build trust in the relationship and often leads you to accuse him of something he may not be doing.

It’s time to confront him about why he’s stalking his ex, and get to the bottom of why he uses social media to do it.

11. He’s Messaging Another Girl

Unfortunately, if there is one thing that may glue your boyfriend to his phone and social media. It’s him talking to and getting attention from another girl that isn’t you.

If he’s flirting with another girl on social media, he will often try to hide it. However, you will still notice he’s using social media a lot. Also, his reasons for doing it seems unclear and make you question what he’s doing.

When you have proof he’s always on social media because he’s talking to another girl. You need to confront him with the facts and start asking serious questions about what he is doing.

12. He’s Addicted To Social Media

If you think your boyfriend is addicted to social media. It’s very likely you will notice the subtle and more severe signs it’s happening. Your boyfriend will often appear fixated on his phone and seem highly dependant on using social media to interact with other people.

When your boyfriend uses social media excessively, or you notice that his using it has a noticeable effect on his mood and behavior. It may be the telltale signs or an indication he’s becoming fairly addicted to social media.

This can be even more true if he starts letting things slide in your relationship, or seems distant and does things out of character due to social media.

If the reason you think your boyfriend is always on social media is that you think he is addicted. It’s important to talk to him and express your feelings about what you think is happening. Also, try working on a solution together that involves him spending less time on his phone, or social media apps.

13. He Using Social Media As An Excuse

He’s not really looking at social media and he is using it as an excuse.

When you ask your boyfriend what he is up to on his phone, and he always replies with “Just checking social media!”. How do you know this is really the truth?

Even though in most cases it likely is the truth. It’s not uncommon for some guys to use their phones for things that would be deemed inappropriate while in a relationship.

This includes looking at dating apps, checking in on their ex, browsing websites they shouldn’t be, or generally doing things they know you would not approve of.

While it’s important to give him the benefit of the doubt and trust what he’s telling you. There is still a small possibility that what he is telling you he is doing could be a white lie or an excuse for him doing something else.

Why Doesn’t He Text Me Back When He’s Always On Social Media?

If your boyfriend isn’t replying to your text messages, but you can see he’s active on social media. It’s normal to be concerned. However, In most cases, he’s not ignoring you. He’s just distracted or not ready to reply right now. If you think it’s a problem. Talk to him and explain your feelings.

He will only know it’s a problem for you once you reveal how him being active on social media, but not replying to you makes you feel. Share your feelings and your thoughts about what he is doing, or why you don’t like it.

Just because he’s not texting you back. This does not mean he is ghosting or ignoring you. He may just be getting distracted doing other things or does not feel like replying at this moment.


While there can be many reasons why your boyfriend is always on social media. He may use it because it makes it a lot easier to live his daily life. It allows him to stay connected with family or friends, check his feed to unwind, and use it to arrange hangouts with the people he cares a lot about.

Your boyfriend using social media all the time is only really a problem if it starts having an effect on your relationship. Such as him giving you less attention, ignoring you, or doing things he knows you’ll find inappropriate behavior.

If this is not the case, and you’re just generally concerned with how much he is using social media. Talk to him, explain your concerns or worries and let him know how you feel about it.

Work towards a solution that feels right for you both, and do things together that help to curb his constant habits of using social media.