Do Guys Like Talkative Girls? (13 Reasons Why Men Like It)

Do guys like girls that are talkative?

If you’re a chatty, sociable, extroverted girl who has no problems talking openly to a guy. Do they like it, and would they date a super talkative girl?

Also, do guys find talkative girls attractive when compared to shy, less talkative girls?

Let’s take a look at what guys think about talkative girls.

Here’s The Short Answer To Do Guys Like Talkative Girls?

Whether or not a guy likes talkative girls depends on his taste, and what he is looking for in a girl. Chatty girls tend to have an easier time when it comes to getting a guy’s attention or flirting. However, some guys do prefer quiet, shy, and less talkative girls. It depends on the guy.

Do Guys Like Talkative Girls

The Reasons Why Guys Like Talkative Girls

What are some of the reasons why guys like talkative girls? Also, what characteristics make chatty, extroverted girls so attractive to guys?

Here are the reasons why guys like talkative girls.

1. They Break The Ice Quickly

If there is one quality that talkative girls have that many guys like. It’s that they are very good at breaking the ice quickly. They know how to engage with a guy, or start talking to break an awkward silence.

Girls who talk a lot tend to have a habit of making guys feel more comfortable during early conversation. Usually, because they are the ones talking, and much of the attention is focused around them.

This can make the first date with a talkative girl start a lot smoother for guys. Simply because she’s the one doing most of the talking within the first ten minutes or so.

This helps to take off a lot of pressure, or nervous energy away from a guy. Allowing him to listen, read into what she is saying, and gauge his early interest in her.

2. They’re Good At Carrying The Conversation

Talkative girls can be especially good at carrying a conversation with a guy. They will often find something to talk about and rarely allow there to be an uncomfortable silence.

If a girl is very chatty and extroverted when it comes to carrying a conversation with a guy. It can make the guy feel at ease, and as if there is never a dull moment during a conversation.

Girls who are very good at carrying a conversation with a guy are often believed to appear bubbly or confident. Which can be two highly desirable and attractive qualities for some guys to see in a girl.

3. They Ask A Lot Of Questions

When a girl is not afraid to ask a guy questions to try and learn more about him. Many guys do like it as it allows them the opportunity to open up about themselves.

Sociable girls who ask a lot of questions tend to appear more inquisitive, or interested than a girl who’s afraid to ask.

The simple fact is some guys love talking about themselves, or enjoy the constant back and forth in conversation.

So a talkative girl that asks him a lot of questions could be showing him many of the traits he finds desirable in women.

4. They Appear Confident

Being talkative or sociable goes hand in hand with appearing confident to a guy. When a girl is open or extroverted with how she talks to a guy, this will often lead him to believe she’s a confident girl.

For the most part, many guys do like confident girls. They speak their minds, share feelings, and have no problem revealing their interest or flirting.

Confident girls often wear their hearts on their sleeves. This makes it much easier for guys to talk to them, gauge how they are feeling, and read any signals they are sending them.

5. They’re Rarely Boring

Talkative girls are rarely boring. At least, this is often what many guys do believe. This is one of the reasons why some guys can like chatty or sociable girls.

Girls who talk a lot know how to keep the conversation flowing and find ways to allow their personality to shine through to hold a guy’s attention.

Many guys do enjoy spending time with talkative girls. They have fun being around girls who know exactly how to work a room or be extroverted and sociable.

It can make guys think there is never a dull moment and makes it much easier for guys to talk to them and feel comfortable approaching or being around them.

6. They Always Seem Interested

Another reason many guys like talkative girls is because they always seem interested or intrigued during a conversation. Even when they’re just being nice or polite.

They talk freely, ask a lot of questions, and share many of the things on their mind. This often leads many guys to believe they’re flirting or interested in more than just conversation.

Put simply, guys like it when a girl shows interest in them or give them attention. Even if it’s just simple questions about their day, what they’ve been up to or what their plans are.

Guys like to feel noticed or acknowledged. So a girl being talkative makes it very easy for a guy to feel this way.

7. They Sometimes Flirt Without Realising It

While this does not always happen. Sometimes chatty girls can have a habit of flirting or sending a guy signals without even realizing it.

When a girl is talkative, confident, and extroverted around a guy. It can become very easy for him to believe she’s doing this because she likes him.

Compared to shy or introverted girls. Extroverted, talkative girls have a harder time when it comes to sending a guy mixed signals and avoiding accidental flirting.

Simply because they appear at face value to be more interested, or more intrigued around the guy they are talking to. This can allow the guy to believe it’s flirting, or start reading into what she is doing because she is super talkative.

8. They Appear Independent

When a girl is very talkative around a guy, and she has her own opinions or viewpoints on everything. It can be very easy for a guy to believe she’s a strong-minded, confident, independent girl.

The reason why guys like it are because many guys do love confident, independent girls. It can boost a guy’s confidence being around a talkative girl who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to tell him.

Guys also believe they don’t need to mindread chatty, independent women. They lay out their needs and feelings early, and leave out a lot of second-guessing for a guy.

9. They Can Be Intimidating In A Good Way

Sometimes talkative girls can be intimidating for a guy but in a good way. When a guy is approached by a super talkative girl, it can often be intimidating a first. Especially if he’s pretty shy and reserved.

However, when a girl is chatting to a guy and talking to him freely. This can sometimes have a habit of bringing a guy out of his shell and boosting his inner confidence.

It can make him embody the behavior of the girl who’s talking to him. Or make him try to match her enthusiasm for the conversation.

If he thinks she’s a little intimidating but sees she has no problem talking to him or asking him questions. He may try to match her behavior or confidence level and enjoy talking to her a whole lot more.

10. They Always Have An Opinion

More often than not, talkative girls find no issue in sharing their opinions openly and telling a guy what’s on their mind.

Some guys can really like this about girls, and others might not. However, it can still be a reason why many guys do like talkative girls.

When a girl is not afraid to share her opinion about something or even disagree with a guy about something he thinks is right. It can often make her look confident, or independent with how she gives her opinions and views the world.

The fact is, many guys do like it when a girl has her own opinions on things and is capable of standing her ground. They may enjoy hearing things from a new perspective and listening to a girl who’s not afraid to tell things like it is.

11. They Often Thrive On Attention

One trait that many talkative girls share is that they often thrive on attention. They also know exactly how to get it from guys by being sociable or display extroverted characteristics.

Guys like it and respond well to a girl who enjoys the attention. As for most guys, if they like a girl it’s in their nature to do things to give her extra attention.

If she’s talkative, giving her the attention she thrives on can become even easier. As conversations flow naturally, and it can become very easy for a guy to progress past general chit-chat towards more intimate, flirty topics if he’s interested.

12. They Find It Easier To Share Feelings

When a girl is super talkative. It’s usually a lot easier for her to share her feelings openly with a guy.

Also, for the guy, they are usually a lot easier to understand as she will reveal or divulge how she feels during conversations with him.

Put simply, guys like talkative girls because there is usually a lot less second-guessing going on. Especially about feelings, or a particular girl’s wants and needs.

Talkative girls find it easier to layout their feelings plainly, and in a way that a guy genuinely has an easier time understanding.

13. They Keep Guys On Their Toes

One reason guys like talkative is because they keep them on their toes. Especially during a conversation, when a girl is being super sociable with them.

Chatty girls tend to talk freely and share many of the things going on in their minds. The topics of conversation can be spontaneous and unexpected for guys and this is often what makes it so fun to be around.

Many guys also believe there is never a dull moment when dating or being in a relationship with a talkative girl. Because she will say things that surprise him even when they’ve been together for a few months.

Do Guys Find Talkative Girls Attractive?

While it’s believed that many guys do find talkative girls attractive. For the most part, this is a myth. It depends on what the guy is looking for in a girl. Some guys do prefer quiet, shy, or introverted girls over chatty, more extroverted girls. It depends entirely on what a guy finds attractive.

There are a lot of qualities that talkative, chatty girls have that many guys do find attractive. Many guys find it much easier to read or click with talkative girls simply because the conversations are often free-flowing.

This can make it much easier for guys to read the situation, figure out if she is interested, and try to progress things with her towards a relationship.

With talkative girls, there is generally a lot less second-guessing for the guy to do. Simply because chatty, extroverted girls tend to find it easier to share their feelings or send signals if they’re interested.

So the answer to the question “Do Guys Find Talkative Girls Attractive?” is that some guys do, and some guys don’t. It completely depends on the guy in question, and what he deems as attractive qualities in a girl.


The simple answer to do guys like talkative girls is that some guys do, and some guys don’t. It depends entirely on their preference. Some guys like super talkative, sociable, extroverted girls. While other guys might prefer less talkative, shy, introverted girls.

Even though there are multiple reasons why guys like talkative girls. Many of them are due to these types of girls appearing confident, sociable, independent, and fun to be around.

While not all talkative girls possess all these traits and characteristics. For the most part, they are usually why guys like dating or enjoy being in a relationship with a talkative, chatty girl.