Do Guys Like When Girls Text First? (9 Reasons Guys Like It)

So do guys like girls texting first?

Sending the first text to a guy can often feel daunting. Especially when you have feelings for him but you’re unsure about what to say and how to start the conversation.

But when it comes to guys, do they like receiving the first text from a girl? Also, what are the reasons guys like girls texting first?

Let’s take a look at whether or not guys like girls texting first and the reasons why some guys like it.

Do Guys Like It When Girls Send The First Text?

Yes, many guys like it when girls text first. For guys, when a girl texts first it can make her look confident. Girls who take action by sending the first text can be a big turn-on for guys. Especially when the first text holds meaning or purpose, and gives a guy the attention he’s looking for.

Do Guys Like When Girls Text First

9 Reasons Guys Like Girls Texting First

Despite many girls thinking guys should always be the ones to text a girl first. Believe it, or not, there are many guys that really like a girl to send the first text.

There are some major benefits to be found in sending the first text to a guy, especially after a date. Many of these relate to what he thinks about you taking the lead in the conversation.

Here are the reasons guys like girls texting first.

1. It Makes Him Think You’re Confident

When you’re looking for the perfect way to differentiate yourself from other girls a guy is talking to. Having the courage and confidence to send the first text is a great way to do this.

It will immediately make you look super confident, and not afraid to reach out to him past that dreaded first text.

Put simply, guys like girls who are confident. So texting him first will reveal to him your inner confidence and ability to be open, honest, and prepared to show vulnerability.

Many guys will be impressed by this. Providing you don’t come on too strong or seem too pushy about what you want.

2. He’s Reassured About Your Interest

Guys like to know if a girl really likes them. So sending him the first text offers up reassurances to him about your interest, and your desire to continue the conversation.

If a guy is curious about your interest, how the date went, or whether or not you like him. When the girl texts him back first, it usually tells him everything he needs to know.

Whenever you text a guy first it stops him from having to second guess your feelings. Especially if your message holds a purpose like meeting up again, or letting him know you enjoyed his company.

Guys need just as much reassurance as girls do. So don’t make the mistake of waiting for him to text first when he’s waiting for reassurances from you.

3. Guys Likes Girls Who Suprise Them

When a girl is fully capable of surprising a guy by texting him first. This can be a highly attractive quality for guys to see and they do like it.

Put simply, many guys like girls who can surprise them and keep them on their toes. Guys like girls who are spontaneous, unpredictable (in a good way), and a lot of fun to talk to and be around.

If you text a guy first, it may catch him off guard and surprise him but mostly always in a good way. He might enjoy you reaching out first, and feel good about receiving unexpected attention from you.

4. He Likes You Taking Control

When a girl sends the first text to a guy. Many guys often appreciate the girl taking control, and taking the lead in the conversation.

Guys can like it when a girl is the one initiating texting, flirting, or the flow of a conversation. It can make guys feel good and take the pressure off them when thinking about what to text a girl they like.

However, the reason they like it is that it eases them into texting and the conversation. Find a balance when taking control or dictating the early text conversations, don’t let it be one-sided or send countless texts without reply.

5. He’s Bad At Taking Hints

If a guy is seriously bad a taking hints, and you’re waiting around for him to text you first. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands, text the guy first and make your feelings about him more obvious.

Believe it or not, some guys are just really bad at taking hints from girls. So when you make your feelings obvious and text him first, he’ll start to realize and like what you’re doing.

While it’s not always his fault, and he could just be mistaking your interest as you being nice or friendly. Some guys just need an extra nudge, and a clear indication you’re interested in them.

6. Some Guys Think It’s A Turn-On

Whenever a girl is confident enough to send the first text to a guy. This can be a big turn-on for some guys, as they love girls who display confidence.

It takes a lot of confidence to send the first text to a guy.

So sending him the first text is a great way to grab his interest and make him realize you’re a confident girl. You’re also a girl who’s not afraid to take action to get what she wants.

This makes it a significant turn-on for guys when they see you send the first text. You’ll grab their interest immediately, especially if the first text is fun, friendly, or flirtatious.

7. It Boosts His Confidence

The simple fact is, many guys like to know a girl is interested in them. So when you take the time to send a guy the first text, it boosts his confidence and his ego.

Just like girls, guys want to know that the girl they’re interested in likes them back. Also that the girl is willing to make the first move to let their feelings be known or start a conversation.

It makes guys feel great to receive that first text they’ve been waiting for. Especially if it’s after a first date, or exchanging phone numbers.

Texting him makes him feel good about himself and small gestures like texting him first have a big impact on guys.

8. It’s An Ice Breaker

For a guy, after exchanging phone numbers with a girl or going on a first date. The first text afterward can always be pretty daunting, especially if he’s still unsure about your feelings.

He wants to know if you like him, or if you enjoyed the date. But he may be too afraid or anxious to ask you directly or pluck up the courage to send the first text.

So when the girl texts him first, it can often act as an ice breaker. It gives him time to read the first message and feel reassured about what your intentions are.

If you text him something fun, ask questions, or tell him you enjoyed his company and want to see him again. It opens up the doors to further conversation and makes a guy feel a lot more at ease with texting you.

9. He’s Stopped Waiting For You To Text First

Believe it or not, some guys will wait endlessly for a girl to text them first. Either because they don’t want to make the first move, or they’re avoiding the possibility of looking clingy, needy, or desperate to a girl.

Guys who do this are just not prepared to send the first text, it’s as simple as that. But they do like it when the girl reaches out first and gives them a nudge to show they’re interested.

When you text a guy like this first, guys love it because they’re no longer sitting around worrying about whether or not you’ll text them.

The fact is, they want you to be the one making the first move not the other way around.

Do Guys Prefer Girls Texting First?

So do guys always prefer girls sending the first text?

Even though many girls expect the guy to be the one who sends the first text. Some guys do prefer girls to send the first text and initiate the early conversation.

This is usually because it takes a lot of pressure off the guy to break the ice. He can quickly read the first text from a girl and know exactly what kind of conversation she wants to engage in.

If a guy is fairly introverted or shy, this may also make him prefer girls to send the first text. Simply because he’s often not prepared or ready to make the first move.

However, not all guys prefer a girl texting them first. It depends on the guy or the situation around the first text.

Some guys enjoy being confident and taking control. They can also like dictating how the early stages of a texting conversation go.

This is especially true after first dates, casual flirting, or encounters where you’ve talked to the guy and made it clear you’re already interested.

What Texts Do Guys Like You Sending First?

So what kinds of texts do guys like girls sending first?

If you’re sending the first text to a guy, it’s a good idea to start with something that creates the possibility of a good back-and-forth between you and the guy.

When you want a guy to like you texting him first, you should:

  • Come up with a good opener. Start the text how you mean to go on, don’t just say “Hi” or “Hey”. You need to give him more to work with in the first text to capture his interest and make him reply.
  • Keep it fun and exciting for him. Don’t send boring texts. Keep it fun and exciting for a guy by sending him something that piques his interest or makes him laugh.
  • Start by asking a question. Ask him a fun or flirty question over text that you know he will respond well to. Craft a great question that you know only applies to him, and wait for the reply.
  • Pay him a compliment. Guys love receiving compliments, so send him a unique compliment that shows how special you think he is.
  • Show him you’re living your life. Text him with a subtle reminder that you’ve got your own life to live, but you’re still thinking about him. Tell him about something that reminds you of him, or mention a place that would be fun to go together.
  • Start with a picture. Sending him a picture as the first text can work well if done in the right way. Pictures of you having fun, some food you think he would like, or images that make him imagine being there with you are all things that grab his interest.
  • Be careful using emojis. It’s a good idea to send emoji sparingly, especially in the first few texts. They can be cute, but using too many can take away from the real message you’re trying to convey to a guy.
  • Mind your grammar. Using “text speak” by abbreviating words or overusing acronyms can be a turn-off to some guys. So ditch short texts in favor of correct punctuation and spelling to ensure your first text holds clear meaning to a guy.
  • Don’t send too many texts without a reply. If you’ve already sent the first few texts to a guy, and you’re still waiting for a reply. Resist the urge to send more until you hear back. He could be busy, so avoid bombarding him with texts.
  • Keep it fairly brief. Keep the first text to a guy a few lines at most. There’s no need to write an essay or go above and beyond just yet. Give him just enough to read and reply to, and don’t go overboard.

Should Girls Wait For Guys To Text First?

Girls don’t have to wait for a guy to text them first. Even though the guy texting first is usually seen as the norm. There’s no reason why a girl can’t be the one to make the first move and send the first text to a guy.

Whether or not a girl should wait for a guy to text her first generally depends on the guy or the situation around the first text.

Guys usually expect themselves to be the ones sending the first text, but there’s no real reason why a guy would not like a girl texting him first.

If a girl is uncertain about whether or not a guy will eventually text her. It’s often much easier for the girl to take matters into her own hands and be the one who sends the first text.

There are a lot of benefits for a girl when sending the first text to a guy. It can make her look confident, reveal her interest, and stop the guy from second-guessing her feelings.

Is It Bad To Text A Guy First?

No, texting a guy first is fine. It’s perfectly okay to send the first text to a guy if you want to create a dialogue and you’re genuinely interested in connecting with him. It’s only ever a bad thing if it’s done for the wrong reasons, or with questionable intentions.

Some guys like girls sending the first text. It can make them feel good, boost confidence, and reveal more about the girl’s feelings.

However, if the situation you are currently in is the driving force behind you sending a text to a guy. This can sometimes make it a bad idea to text him first.

For example,
Guys may not like you texting first if you’re:

  • Texting him while drunk.
  • Texting him while upset / after a breakup.
  • Texting him when you know he’s out with friends.
  • Texting him constantly without reply.
  • Texting him because your friends made you.
  • Texting him after a date with someone else.
  • Texting him when you don’t have anything to say.
  • Texting him when you know you won’t reply.
  • Texting him only because you need help with something.
  • Texting him because you’re jealous.

So providing you’re not texting him because of the above reasons, or any other questionable reasons or intentions. It’s fine being the one to send the first text to a guy.


So do guys like it when girls send the first text?

Yes, absolutely! There are a lot of guys that like girls sending them the first text, even though it’s not usually seen as the norm. Guys like to feel wanted, receive attention, and have fun conversations with girls they like or feel attracted to.

There is also a lot of benefits for girls in texting a guy first. Simply because it gives them the chance to reveal feelings very early, look confident to a guy, and dictate the flow of early conversation.

So the bottom line is, there are benefits to both guys and girls sending the first text.

The most important thing is that someone has the courage to take the first step and make the first move. Then the conversation and connection between a guy and a girl can progress beyond that point.