Do Guys Like Getting Surprise Gifts? (Answered & Explained)

When you want to give a gift to a guy you like. It can often be difficult to know what to get him and whether or not he’s the kind of guy who likes receiving gifts.

Do Guys Like Gettings Surprise Gifts?
Most guys love receiving surprise gifts, especially from their girlfriends and loved ones. They feel a lot of joy and excitement from getting an unexpected gift from someone they care a lot about. However, some guys can overthink receiving surprise gifts and question why they are receiving them.

Let’s take a look at what guys think about receiving surprise gifts from girls, and whether or not they like it.

Do Guys Like Getting Surprise Gifts

What Do Guys Think When Getting Surprise Gifts?

When a guy receives a surprise gift from the girl. He will normally like it. Guys find it fun, exciting, and their first impulse will be to feel pleased and cared for. This is especially true if the gift is given by their girlfriend. They will feel loved.

If a guy gets an unexpected or surprise gift from a girl. His usual response is to feel thankful and express these feelings to the girl. This is the normal response from most guys.

However, as with most things that come as a shock or a surprise in life. At times, guys tend to respond to receiving surprise gifts from girls very differently than you might expect.

Sometimes when a guy gets a surprise gift from a girl. Initially, he will like it, be thankful, but then start overthinking what it really means.

He might treat receiving an unexpected gift as a “symbol” of something more.

Every guy is different, and how they each treat liking and receiving surprise gifts can be very different from one another.

When some guys receive surprise gifts from a girl. They might like it but still think about many things relating to you giving them the gift.

Here’s some examples of the things guys think about when getting a surprise gift:

  • What does this gift really mean?
  • Does this gift mean she likes/loves me?
  • Is this gift a clue about her real feelings?
  • Is this just a thank you gift, or for some other reason?
  • Should I reciprocate by getting a surprise gift in return?
  • How can I found out the real reason she gave me this gift?
  • Has she done something wrong and this is why I’m getting a gift?
  • Do I want to encourage gift-giving in our relationship?
  • Am I thinking too much about her getting me a surprise gift?

If a guy thinks these things when you get him a surprise gift. This does not mean he did not like the gift. It’s just something many guys have a habit of doing which is overthinking.

A guy who overthinks about gifts more than most guys, usually won’t like receiving or giving surprise gifts as much. Simply because most of the enjoyment is taken away by the constant overthinking.

So if you want to ensure a guy likes the surprise gift you are giving him. It’s a good idea to pick the perfect gift for him and ensure the intentions, meaning, and reasons behind gifting it to him are clear.

Do Guys Get Excited About Receiving Gifts?

Guys, just like girls, can feel excited when receiving gifts. Especially when the gift is given by someone they love or care about like their girlfriend. Receiving a gift can make guys feel happy, excited, pleased, thankful, and have a wide range of different emotions.

Typically, when a guy knows he’s going to receive a gift from a girl. He’ll feel excitement and anticipation for what the gift could be.

When he has the gift in his hands or he’s ready to reveal or unwrap it. The excitement and joy can often translate into what looks like confusion or an eagerness to know what’s inside.

Guys showing excitement and confusion at the same time is completely normal when receiving gifts. Especially if the gift was a surprise or completely unexpected.

Once a guy has unwrapped or revealed the gift to see what’s inside. He’ll normally still be pretty excited depending on his thoughts about the gift. But these feelings of excitement are quickly overshadowed by him feeling thankful and cared for.

So yes, many guys get very excited about receiving gifts just like girls do. Simply because they like receiving gifts too. However, they show a wide range of emotions leading up to receiving the gift, during unwrapping or unvailing, and afterward.

Do Guys Like Receiving Surprise Gifts From Their Girlfriends?

What do guys think about receiving unexpected gifts from their girlfriends?

Guys love receiving surprise gifts from their girlfriends. Especially when they feel a lot of thought and care has gone into finding the perfect gift for them. When girlfriends get their boyfriend’s surprise gifts, it’s often seen by guys as proof that they care or love them.

Boyfriends like receiving surprise gifts just as much as girlfriends do. Most people love receiving gifts from people they love or care about.

When you get unexpected gifts for your boyfriend. It can be a great way to bond, build a connection, and prove you pay attention to his interests, wants, or the things he likes.

There are not many guys who would not enjoy getting something they’ve always wanted as a gift from their girlfriend.

So most boyfriends absolutely love receiving surprise gifts from their girlfriends.

What Do Guys Like Getting As Surprise Gifts?

When guys are getting surprise gifts. They will usually like receiving anything you choose to give them providing some thought and care has gone into picking the ideal gift. Clothing, cologne, or anything related to their hobbies or interests are some of the staple gifts most guy like receiving.

If you’re trying to find the perfect surprise gift to buy for a guy. It’s a good idea to start by thinking about what he likes. Consider his hobbies, his interests, or things he would never normally buy for himself (But still would like or want).

You should also consider the possibility of gifting him something that holds meaning for your relationship. For example, a gift that reminds him about when you first met, shows what he means to you, or reveals your true feelings about him.

Getting a surprise gift for a guy does not need to be expensive either. There’s no gift too small. It’s the thought and care that goes into the gift that counts.

Here are some examples of the things guys like getting as surprise gifts:

  • Gifts that help him with hobbies
  • Gifts related to his interests
  • Fun gifts he’ll find hilarious
  • Practical gifts he can use
  • Gifts that save him time or energy
  • Things he rarely buys for himself (But still likes or wants!)
  • Personalized gifts that hold meaning
  • DIY gifts that you make yourself
  • Gift hampers containing an assortment of his favorite things
  • Activity Bookings & days out together
  • Surprise “Get Aways” or planned vacations
  • Subscriptions or memberships to the things he likes

These are just some of the ideas of things you can get a guy as a surprise gift to ensure he likes it.

So when asking yourself “What do guys like getting as surprise gifts?” it’s simple to realize that most guys will like any gift you give them providing it has thought and meaning behind it.

Why Do Some Guys Not Like Receiving Surprise Gifts?

Sometimes guys don’t always like receiving surprise gifts from girls simply because it can make a guy second-guess what the girl’s feelings are about them. They can start overthinking the gift and become confused, especially about her feelings or the meaning behind it.

For example, if a guy likes a girl but she’s never made her feelings clear about him. If she unexpectedly gives him a surprise gift. It can make him confused and fully curious about what her true feelings are.

Put simply, a guy doesn’t always like overthinking or having to guess what a girl’s genuine feelings are about them.

The gift given by the girl doesn’t always make it obvious, and some guys hate the feeling of not knowing if a girl likes them back.

So if you want to avoid a guy feeling this way and ensure he likes your surprise gift. It’s important to ensure he also knows what your intentions are, and the meaning, feelings, and thoughts behind the gift.

Final Thoughts On “Do Guys Like Getting Surprise Gifts?”

So do guys like receiving surprise gifts?

Yes, absolutely! Most guys like getting surprise gifts from girls they like and their girlfriends. Just like girls, many guys feel the excitement and joy that is found when giving and receiving unexpected gifts.

The most important thing to remember when ensuring a guy likes your surprise gift is to make sure your intentions and feelings are clear.

For a guy to like getting surprise gifts he needs to know how much thought, care, and attention you put into finding him the ideal gift. He also needs to know what your feelings or reasons were for doing it.

Get a surprise gift for that guy you like, and ensure it’s something he will love!