Why Do Guys Chase Girls? 9 Things You Should Know

Understanding why a guy would chase a girl is crucial if you want to know what makes him chase you and why he is doing it in the first place.

What are the reasons for a guy to start chasing a girl, and do they actually enjoy pursuing a girl they are interested in?

Also, how do you know when a guy is chasing you, and are there things you a currently doing that are making him chase you more?

For the longest time, girls have been told that playing hard to get is the only way to make a guy chase you. But is this still the case, or are there more things you can do to make a guy chase you?

So why do guys chase girls? Here’s what you should know:

Here’s The Short Answer To Why Do Guys Chase Girls:

Guys like to chase girls for two main reasons. To understand if they really want the girl they are chasing, and for their ego. Guys enjoy the thrill of the chase and chasing a girl who’s playing hard to get. They will chase either to date a girl or to have hope of becoming more intimate with her.

Why Do Guys Chase Girls?

What Makes A Guy Chase A Girl?

One of the main things that makes a guy chase a girl is when she plays hard to get. Men are competitive, so when a girl seems unobtainable it can make a guy pursue her even more. Every guy wants to go out with a great girl. So when he thinks you’re just beyond his reach, he will start chasing you.

While there are still many things that can make a guy start chasing a girl. It’s normally because he wants to pursue a relationship and fulfill his desire for intimacy.

It can also be because the girl is doing things that signify there is a chance of a relationship with her. If a girl flirts or sends mixed signals to a guy. These gestures from a girl will often make him consider whether or not to chase her.

Even though the things that can make a guy chase a girl can differ greatly from guy to guy, especially when based on his relationship history or past experiences. If he thinks a girl is playing hard to get and sending him the right signals, he will chase her.

Why Do Guys Like The Chase So Much?

Guys like chasing girls because they enjoy the thrill of the chase. It feels exciting to chase a girl who’s elusive and finally get her attention. Guys can be very goal-focused, so when his goal is to chase intimacy with a girl. It feeds his ego and sense of achievement when he finally gets her.

It’s mostly about ego. Guys like the chase because it helps them to reaffirm how they measure up in a girl’s mind.

When a guy chases a girl who he knows is still weighing up her options. It can feel seriously rewarding for him to know she picked him over other guys.

If you add this to the fact that chasing her also allows him to fully understand the kind of relationship he wants to pursue. It’s easy to understand why guys get excited and like the chase so much.

How Do You Know When A Guy Is Chasing You?

When you’re looking for the telltale signs a guy is chasing you. They can sometimes be subtle and are not always obvious. If a guy is currently chasing you it can start in many different ways and often without you even realizing that it’s happening.

So how do you tell if a guy is chasing you?

When a guy is chasing you he will:

  • Do things to get your attention.
  • Try to impress you.
  • Ask you for your phone number.
  • Text and call you often.
  • Ask you how you’re doing.
  • Give you frequent compliments.
  • Make you feel listened to.
  • Ask you what your plans are.
  • Disappear then come back.
  • Start flirting with you.
  • Ask you out on a date.
  • Compare himself to other guys.
  • Talk about the kind of girls he’s interested in.
  • Make it clear he’s interested in you.
  • Smile when he’s around you.
  • Cancel his plans for you.
  • Make you his priority.

So when a guy is chasing you. Many of his actions or the things he does can be a big giveaway that he is currently chasing you. He’s pursuing you because he likes the chase and wants to date you.

How Do You Make A Guy Start Chasing You?

To make a guy start chasing you. It’s important to realize what is going to make him chase you in the first place.

Playing hard to get might seem like the best approach. However, while this can work, It doesn’t always work on every guy. You need to give him reasons to chase you.

Sometimes a guy needs to feel in charge of what is happening, and that it’s his decision to start chasing you. You also need to balance this with being elusive, confident and a bit of a mystery to keep him interested.

So what should you do to make a guy start chasing you?

Here’s what you should do to make him chase you.

  1. Keep yourself busy, and don’t always be available.
  2. Allow him to think he’s the one in charge.
  3. Don’t let him think he’s the only guy who’s interested.
  4. Show him you have a life and your independence.
  5. Don’t swoon over him.
  6. Exude confidence, and be confident around him.
  7. Don’t reveal everything right away.
  8. Be a bit of a mystery.
  9. Flirt with him and show him that you’re interested.
  10. Realize that less is more when texting him.
  11. Don’t text him all the time.
  12. Don’t be clingy or possessive over him.
  13. Stay active on social media.
  14. Don’t bring any drama.
  15. Dress to impress him.
  16. Don’t focus on him, and allow him to come to you.
  17. Let him know you appreciate his efforts.
  18. Don’t always be easy to please.
  19. Know when to give a little bit back.

Getting the balance right between playing hard to get and sending him the right signals is crucial. He needs to find further reasons to chase you and know that his efforts are worthwhile or rewarded with further attention from you.

How Long Will A Guy Chase You For?

There are no hard and fast rules for how long a guy will chase you. Many guys will chase you for as long as you can hold their interest, or give him reasons to continue the chase. Usually, it can last for weeks or even months, and until a guy gets what he wants or loses interest.

This is why a girl playing hard to get can sometimes be a risky game to play. A guy may stop chasing you if you’re too elusive or seem too unobtainable for him. He can also disappear and come back when he thinks you’re ready to be chased.

He wants to know that there is a chance that chasing you will lead to the thing he wants the most. Which is normally a chance at dating you or becoming more intimate. He needs to know he’s gonna get the girl.

So how long a guy will chase you depends entirely on what he wants, and what you are doing to make him keep chasing you.

However, there is often a fine line between making a guy chase you and leading him on. A guy won’t continue to chase you if you’re constantly sending him mixed signals and give him nothing in return.

So if you want him to chase you for longer, or until you’re ready for a relationship with him. You need to know when to give him a little bit back.

Will A Guy Always Chase A Girl He Likes?

While a guy may do many things that signify his interest in a girl. It won’t always develop into full-blown chasing. This is especially true if he’s unsure about her feelings, or she does not show him she’s interested in return. He may take a subtle approach or hide his feelings.

Even though a guy likes a girl. This does not always mean he will chase her. He may be shyer and more reserved than other guys or want to tell you he likes you then give you space.

Not every guy is the same when it comes to chasing girls they like.

Some guys really enjoy the thrill of the chase and others don’t. Some guys are confident with how they approach you to tell you that they like you, and others are not. Everyone is different, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Also, many guys believe they’re not even chasing a girl when in fact they are. So it can be hard to distinguish or tell if a guy will always chase a girl he likes. Especially when he thinks it’s her chasing him.

So the simple answer is no. A guy won’t always chase a girl he likes. He could still be looking for further signs from her that she’s interested before committing to the chase. He may also be too shy and reserved to ever actually pursue her.

Why Do Guys Chase When You Ignore Them?

If you start ignoring a guy and appear as if you’re pulling away from him. It’s his natural instinct to chase you before you are gone for good. When you ignore him, it looks to him like there’s a good chance he will lose you. So he will chase you to establish contact and avoid losing your interest.

Ignoring a guy can be a powerful tactic for girls to use when they want a guy to chase them. It can make a guy become more curious about you, and often become far more interested.

Here are more reasons why a guy will chase you when you ignore them:

  • He wants to know if you still like him.
  • He realizes you might want him but do not need him.
  • He now thinks you’re worth fighting for.
  • He understands you’re not to be messed with.
  • He realizes he can’t play games with you.
  • He’ll realize you have other options.
  • He now knows you have your own life to live.
  • He’s realized he doesn’t want to lose you.

So when you ignore a guy. More often than not this will make him become fully curious about the reason and make him chase you.

Will A Guy Chase Me If I Walk Away?

Walking away from a guy will often send him a clear message and make him act on instincts. He will naturally want to win you over and try to win you back. So when you walk away, it’s inevitable that he may try to chase you and re-establish the relationship you once shared together.

When you walk away from a guy. It makes him chase you because his instincts and his ego are telling him that he needs you back.

He will also start chasing you if you walk away because:

  • He will miss the attention you give him.
  • He enjoys chasing and pursuing you.
  • He likes the challenge of winning you over.
  • He doesn’t like the idea of being alone.
  • He now understands his feelings for you.
  • He’s realized your true value.
  • He wants to show you he can change.
  • He knows it will build a deeper connection with you.
  • He’s realized you don’t play games.
  • He misses you now that you’re gone.
  • He wants to show you he loves you.

If you walk away from a guy. They often don’t realize your true value until you’re gone. This sudden realization often leads a guy to start chasing you to get you back.